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Personality assessments can help you to make informed hiring decisions and gain deeper insights about your current and future talent.

Personality Predicts Performance

We analyze personality traits from every angle to make sure you hire and work with the best-fit candidates. By using the “HOGAN” assessment we get insight into “What do people want?”, “How will they get what they want?” and “What will get in their way?”.

Furthermore, the results of Hogan assessments allow you to spark a healthier working atmosphere for your whole team.


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The Hogan assessment

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

Evaluate individuals’ normal behavior, team dynamics, and leadership potential.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

Evaluate individuals’ reactions under pressure to fully understand their true potential.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

Uncover the motives, values, and preferences shaping individuals’ goals and actions.

What’s the Hogan Assessment Suite?

The Hogan assessments offer a holistic view of individuals’ personalities, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, values, motivators, and potential career derailers.

Having known that, HOGAN can be utilized not only when hiring, but it helps retain & promote employees. Furthermore, it’s an inevitable HR best practice to have your team engaged in the long run.


The benefits of Hogan Assessments

For individuals


Boosts collaboration through a deeper appreciation of team members’ preferences and working methods, improving team dynamics.


Enhances understanding of personal behaviors, strengths, and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness.

Career Development

Offers insights into career strengths and growth areas, aiding informed career choices and personal development goals.


Improves interpersonal skills by adapting communication styles to different personalities, leading to better relationships.

Conflict Resolution

Provides tools for effective conflict management by recognizing and adjusting to varying communication styles.

Stress Management

Suggests strategies for managing stress and reducing workplace tensions by adapting to different communication and working styles.


Aids leaders in understanding their own styles and in better motivating and managing their teams.

The benefits of Hogan Assessments

For organizations

Effective Leadership

Organizations can develop leaders who adapt their styles to team and organizational needs.

Enhanced Team Performance

Teams with diverse strengths and adaptability improve overall performance.

Personalized Training & Development

Tailored programs address specific improvement areas, enhancing employee skills and capabilities.

Recruitment & Selection

Assessments help in hiring decisions, ensuring candidates match desired team dynamics and culture.

Reduced Conflict

Understanding and empathy among team members reduce interpersonal conflicts, creating a harmonious work environment.

Employee Engagement

Employees who feel understood and appreciated show higher engagement and satisfaction, leading to lower turnover and better retention.

Improved Communication

Better communication skills among employees enhance collaboration, project management, and decision-making.

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