9 Challenging Interview Questions & Possible Answers

9 Challenging Interview Questions & Possible Answers

How to Ace Your Interview

Always answer questions with clear evidence to back up what you say about yourself.

1. Who are You? Tell me about yourself! It’s an open-ended question. Be specific, short memorable in 2-3′.

2. Why you should be the one to be selected? Be specific & personal with clear example

3. What are your career desires? Use achievable objectives & present actions what you do to reach them.

4. How your education can support you in this position? Be prepared about the required competencies and match them with your education.

5. Are you a team player? Use more than the “yes” reply, provide proof/examples.

6. Give me an example for a conflict in your studies and how it was resolved? Present the problem, & present how you worked in collaboration to resolve it.

7. What is your weakness? Everybody has a weakness and you present it how you work on it to overcome.

8. If we would ask your professors & team members how they would describe You? Be prepared & collect some references before.

9. What do you think which of your skills/abilities can support you in this job to be successful?


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